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Wed Nov 14 18:50:18 EST 2001

Hello: In response to my query below  posted Nov 4th, I received several

responses but none in agreement. Thank you to those who did reply. The
suggestions were:

-facultative zooxanthellate
-facultative symbiotic

Others suggest that aposymbiotic/apozooxanthellate should be reserved
for zooxanthellate species having lost their zoox i.e. a bleached colony

is "apo".
However, Veron uses this term in "Corals in Space and Time" to refer to
species which are happy being both.


Anne Cohen wrote:

> Hello: I am wondering if there is a  term in use in the biology
> community  that describes coral species having both symbiotic and
> asymbiotic colonies i.e. a single species that occurs naturally and
> healthily in both "states";
> Your ideas are appreciated,
> Anne.

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