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Job Ref: SPE 402 

Country: Marshall Islands 

Location: Majuro 

Position: Atoll Aquaculture Researcher 

Salary: $30,000 USD

Category: Education & Training

Job Description:

The successful candidate will essentially help initiate research in aquaculture since the
facilities are only now being built. This person should be able to work in a developing country
and be sensitive to differences in culture and educational levels. A good deal of entrepreneurial
spirit would certainly help along with the ability to form long distance collaborations and
partnerships for intellectual stimulus and support. As such, proficiency with accessing
information through electronic media is essential. 

The Atoll Aquaculture Researcher will develop two applied research projects in the first six
months that will be approved by the United States Department of Agriculture under the Land Grant
Hatch Funding Program. The Hatch Funds are set aside for research in Land Grant institutions, and
as such are not available broadly under the usual competitive grants. This makes the process
easier, but the projects will still be peer reviewed. Then, within the two year initial contract,
it is expected that between four to six approved projects will be researched. The nature of the
research projects will be very much applied and specific to the needs of the Marshall Islands. 

Duties and Responsibilities: The Researcher Position focuses on applied research that will
augment, overcome hurdles or create new processes based on new information generated in the area
of the Researcher's expertise plus the needs within the Republic of the Marshall Islands. Such RMI
needs may be garnered from the concerns of existing industry or the introduction of new targets
that could themselves be new opportunities. Upon balancing these concerns, there is a requirement
to secure two USDA-approved research projects in the first six months of employment as part of the
job responsibility. The results of research efforts must be published in peer review journals and
portions translated for broad community understanding and awareness. The Land Grant entitlement to
the Marshall Islands includes the Agriculture Experiment Station (AES) for applied research
purposes. AES funding must be used within the US Federal fiscal year (October 1st to September
30th) hence it is a high priority to develop research projects that can utilize these funds within
this time frame. In addition, the Marshall Islands can apply for other USDA grants that, while on
a competitive basis, are not openly available to all researchers. Hence, significant research
funds can be available, but we must work to secure these and that will be one of the major
responsibilities for this position. This Researcher Position will basically initiate Land Grant
research activities in the Marshall Islands so it will be very much a building process. 

Contract, Salary and Benefits: The initial contract will be two years in length with renewal in
two-year increments based on performance and mutual agreement. The salary for the position is
$30,000 per year plus $750 per month for housing and moving expenses up to $3,000. However, it
should be made clear that the $30,000 per year salary has been set by the College of Micronesia
Board of Regents (COM BOR) as a special consideration to attract Ph.D. candidates, and at this
time, there is no provision for a salary increase. The COM BOR may choose to increase the
Researcher salary at some future time, but this has yet to occur. 

This position is open until filled. 

Listing Date: 09/09/01


Silvia Pinca, 

Marine Science Program
College of the Marshall Islands
P.O. Box 1258
Majuro, MH 96960
ph. 692-625-5903

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