Symposium: "Sustaining Seascapes," Mar 2002, AMNH

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The Center for Biodiversity and Conservation's Seventh Annual 
Biodiversity Symposium

MANAGEMENT" will be held on Thursday and Friday, March 7 and 8, 2002, 
at the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) in New York City.

"Sustaining Seascapes" will explore the conservation of marine 
biodiversity and fisheries through the integrated design of marine 
protected areas (MPAs), MPA networks, and complementary coastal 
management frameworks. Speakers will examine the large-scale 
conservation of marine ecosystems - considering novel approaches to 
the sustainable management of biodiversity and fisheries. Through 
theory, reviews, and case studies, participants will explore efforts 
to integrate natural, socioeconomic, and cultural factors at local 
and regional scales in response to ongoing threats to both fisheries 
and biodiversity. Invited speakers will include leading marine 
scientists, scholars, and conservationists from a range of 
disciplines, such as oceanography, biology, anthropology, political 
science, and economics. Contributed posters will further round out 
the program and help facilitate discussions.

  > An overview of the crisis in marine fisheries and biodiversity
  > Roles of different types of MPAs in conservation policy and practice
  > Physical and biological connectivity among MPAs: where 
oceanography meets behavior
  > The economics of coastal zones: fisheries, tourism, and other sectors
  > Anthropological and sociological dimensions of marine conservation 
planning and implementation
  > Integrating ethical perspectives into marine conservation
  > Analytical and practical approaches to linking social and ecological systems
  > Uncertainties in ecological and sociopolitical systems

CASE STUDIES are being selected from both the U.S. and the 
international arenas. Likely subjects include (but will not be 
limited to):
  > Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary and Dry Tortugas National Park
  > Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary
  > Gulf of Maine
  > Gulf of California
  > Great Barrier Reef Marine Park
  > Philippines

A list of invited and confirmed speakers will be posted on the 
symposium website in the near future.

CALL FOR POSTERS: A limited number of posters will be accepted for 
presentation.  Poster subjects must relate to the symposium's themes 
and may include theory, empirical studies, or case studies. Please 
limit abstracts to 300 words, and include title, author(s), and 
contact information for the lead author. Abstracts may be submitted 
to the CBC's Outreach Program Coordinator, Fiona Brady, at 
brady at The deadline for submissions is 26 January 2002.

Please address questions or comments about the symposium's content to 
the CBC's Marine Program Manager, Dan Brumbaugh, at brumba at

FOR SYMPOSIUM UPDATES, please visit the CBC's website or contact 
biodiversity at to receive email updates.

TO REGISTER, please contact: Central Reservations, American Museum of 
Natural History, Central Park West at 79th Street, New York, NY 
10024, USA, 212-769-5200 (phone), 212-769-5272 (fax), or 
tickets at

Early Registration Fees (by Friday, 26 January):
$100 Non-members
$80 Members/Seniors
$50  Students

Late Registration Fees (after Friday, 26 January):
$125 Non-members
$100 Members/Seniors
$60 Students

"Members" includes members and staff of the American Museum of 
Natural History and the symposium's sponsoring organizations. All 
members, seniors, and students should be prepared to show ID at 
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