ASLO Summer 2002 meeting in Victoria, BC

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Mon Nov 26 18:55:29 EST 2001

Hello everyone:
I would like to draw your attention to an upcoming ASLO meeting that will be
held June 10-14, 2002 at the University of Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia,
Canada. I am organizing a special session on Marine Protected Areas, please see
details below. I would like to encourage all who are doing MPA research to
attend, and submit abstracts for oral or poster presentations by January 20,
2002. Submission information can be obtained from the following web site:


I hope to see many of you here in beautiful British Columbia - we got some great

Cheers, Tom

SS 1-10 Marine Protected Areas: Critical tools for marine biodiversity

Organizer: Tomas Tomascik <tomas_tomascik at >
Description: Even though there is widespread consensus on the role and utility
of MPAs in conservation of marine biodiversity and fisheries management, their
future remains uncertain. Serious questions about the efficacy of MPAs are being
raised again both in Canada and USA.  This special session will address key
concerns voiced in current debates on MPAs, and bring the latest MPA research
results into a widely respected scientific forum. The symposium will focus on
the current status of MPA science, and its role in the conservation of marine
biodiversity and rehabilitation of coastal fisheries.

Questions to be addressed will include:

1) Where should MPAs be sited and the importance of MPA networks;
2) How large should MPAs be to meet both biodiversity conservation and coastal
fisheries management needs?

3) How do MPAs function in terms of biodiversity conservation and fisheries

4) What is the empirical evidence to support the role of MPAs as tools for
biodiversity conservation and fisheries management?

Tomas Tomascik, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor, Dept. Botany, University of British Columbia
Senior Advisor, Marine Conservation
Parks Canada Agency
Western Canada Service Centre
300 - 300 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, B.C. V6B 6B4
Telephone:     (604) 666-1182
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