Reef Monitoring in Tropical America (RMTA)

Jaime Garzon jgarzon at
Mon Nov 26 17:43:55 EST 2001

Dear colleagues:

The Institute for Marine and Coastal Research (INVEMAR) at Santa Marta, =
Colombia, is gathering information to build an inventory of past and =
present coral reef monitoring activities in the coasts of tropical =
America =96RMTA- (Western Atlantic, Wider Caribbean and Eastern =
Pacific), with the support of GCRMN, AIMS, NOAA, ICLARM-ReefBase, =
CARICOMP and WRI. The main products of this effort will be a database =
and a series of electronic maps in GIS format, which will be available =
on several web sites for public consultation.

For this reason, we are asking collaboration from persons in charge of =
coordinating monitoring activities in any of the regions mentioned =
above, by filling a short attached questionnaire. One form must be =
filled for each locality covered by the monitoring program. In the =
present case, a locality must be considered as a geographic site =
separated from other(s) by at least one (1) minute of latitude or =
longitude or about one nautical mile (1.8 km). We will include your name =
as the provider of these data.

If there is common information for every locality or for some of them, =
regarding the second and third sections (II. VARIABLES=96METHODS and =
III. MONITORING PROGRAM), please fill the corresponding blanks just =
once, and repeat the first section (I. LOCALITY INFORMATION) many times =
as necessary to cover each locality.

Please send the information or any question directly to Jaime =
Garz=F3n-Ferreira preferably by e-mail (jgarzon at ).

Thanking in advance for your help, we remain,


Jaime Garz=F3n-Ferreira
Jefe de Proyectos - Programa BEM (Biodiversidad y Ecosistemas Marinos)
Zona Portuaria (A. A=E9reo 1016) - Santa Marta, Colombia
Tel (57-5)4214774 =F3 4211380  -  Fax (57-5) 4211377 =F3 4215181
E-mail: jgarzon at -

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