McCarty and Peters McCarty_and_Peters at
Wed Nov 28 23:17:45 EST 2001

Mr. Buckland,

>> the virus came through as a reply to a job application <<

Ugh!  That's cold, very cold...

>> one of those 'starving students'), while in the process of buying virus
protection software off the web! <<

While it may be too late, you (and other students on the list) might want
to check out a trusty "old" product that runs under DOS.  Its called F-Prot
and the DOS version is free.  It will run under various flavors of Windows
as well.  Not elegant, not a fancy interface, but it does the job to a
large degree, its kept up to date, and the price is hard to beat.

You can find information at:

Might be worth a look.

Good luck in any event.

Chip McCarty
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