Alexandre Brunet alexandre.brunet at icam.fr
Thu Nov 29 06:33:10 EST 2001

	Dear Coral listers,

	At present time, I am in an engineer French school : ICAM (Institut
Catholique dArts et Mitiers) in Lille. During our studies, at the end of
the first year of the engineer cycle, we have to set up a project called +
experiment ; from may to september 2002. Its aim is to allow us to realize a
dream or an experience ; moreover it must provide for our subsistence.

	During this period, I wish to go to Oceania, Pacific islands or other
countries in order to work in a research center, to discover a different
culture and to live in close touch with nature : indeed, I like very much
maritime environment and observation of animals in their natural
surroundings ; moreover I enjoy diving.

	I would be very interested to work in a research center or in an
University. Having some knowledge of biological, physics, engineer and
computer sciences, I wish to bring my scientific contribution to a project
about the coral. Thanks to my ICAM studies, I am used to adapt to different
circumstances and people and work with the others. I think exchanging ideas
in a team of researchers would be enriching.

	Thank you in advance for your help.

Alexandre Brunet
+ Le Castelys ;
Chemin des chartreux
62 219 Longuenesse
alexandre.brunet at icam.fr

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