FW: Coral disease

Precht, Bill Bprecht at pbsj.com
Wed Oct 3 14:48:45 EDT 2001

Dear Coral List:

Many of you are familar with the wonderful coral reef book entitled "The
Enchanted Braid" by Osha Grey Davidson that was published a few years ago...

Well he has a new book that was just released yesterday... It is entitled
"Fire in the Turtle House" (see attached hotlinks)... 

I think this will be a must read for both scientists and those who just care
about the oceans...

cheers to all,


William F. Precht, P.G.
Ecological Sciences Program Manager
2001 NW 107th Avenue
Miami, FL  33172
bprecht at pbsj.com

"Fire in the Turtle House" http://www.publicaffairsbooks.com/books/fire.html

Book Tour: http://oshadavidson.com/TurtleTour.htm

The Turtle House Foundation: www.turtlehousefoundation.org
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