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Wed Oct 3 19:26:39 EDT 2001

Dear List-Members,

I was planning on writing my own message about my book, but Bill and Erich 
beat me to it. Yes, it's about sea turtles and the disease that's killing 
them. But it's also a way to discuss the implications of a possible 
increase in marine epidemics--including those that have devastated corals 
in many areas (including White Band Disease and in the Caribbean.)

The thesis of the book is that anthropogenic changes--many of them 
currently under discussion in the "are reefs doomed?" thread--may be 
creating a "pathogen friendly" environment that threatens biodiversity in 
coastal waters. There's a lot more to it than that, of course, but that's 
the central theme and the turtle tumor disease is examined in that light.

Thanks to the many list members who walked me through their areas of 
expertise, so that I could connect the dots. Of course, if I connected them 
improperly--that's my fault and not theirs.


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