heated debate

Jim Hendee hendee at aoml.noaa.gov
Mon Oct 8 08:05:42 EDT 2001


Contrary to your opinion that your messages are falling on deaf ears, I
think you have awakened a lot of us to issues we were unaware of, or did
not consider enough, or even at all.  My message on flaming was meant to
be a gentle reminder to everyone so that the dialogue could continue.  I
just wanted to tone things down a little because I was beginning to see
from the messages in this thread (and from "behind the scenes" from a
variety of subscribers) that this was a very emotional issue for some. It
is GOOD that we see passion in this issue, because this is what it takes
to get past the formidable hurdles of beaurocracy and other obstructions.  
We feel this way because of the urgency of the situation, and we care.  I
definitely do not mean to stifle discourse on this subject!  I have hope
that the thread will continue, with decorum, which I believe it has for
the most part.

You obviously have a great command of the literature and issues pertaining
to coral reef research.  I would encourage you NOT to unsubscribe (maybe
just take a "breather?").

	Sincerely yours,

On Sat, 6 Oct 2001, Mike Risk wrote:

> Jim:
> Effective immediately, I am removing my name from Coral-list.
> First, it's not doing my psyche any good. I find that I am beginning to
> descend into the same sort of behaviour for which I have castigated others.
> Second, I'm not sure it's doing the reefs any good. It seems that my
> messages, whatever they may be, are not getting across. I can only hope that
> they are like those coated aspirins I take for hangovers: they don't
> dissolve right away in your stomach, because they might cause upset, but are
> absorbed later on. (This analogy better end here!)
> As always, I remain eager to interact with colleagues. Should anyone out
> there wish to communicate with me, please feel free to do so:
> riskmj at mcmaster.ca
> Thanks for doing a great job. See you.

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