54th GCFI and Caribbean MPA Symposium

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Sat Oct 13 08:04:29 EDT 2001

In it's 54th year, the Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute continues to
unite managers, scientists, and NGOs to exchange the latest findings on a
variety of issues related to the management and sustainability of the marine
resources of the wider Caribbean. Proceedings of the institute are generated
from the presentations and distributed to all attendees. This year our 54th
Institute is in the Turks and Caicos Islands from 12 - 17 November 2001.
The meeting is sponsored by The Department of Environment and Coastal
Resources of the Turks and Caicos Islands, the National Oceanographic and
Atmospheric Administration, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency,
Environmental Defense, The Nature Conservancy, and the Society for the
Conservation of Reef Fish Aggregations.

There will be a special two-day Symposium on Caribbean Marine Protected
Areas: Practical Approaches to Achieve Economic and
Conservation Goals with sessions dedicated to Case Studies, Connectivity at
Differing Spatial Scales, and Capacity and Community Involvement. A special
peer-reviewed publication will be generated from this unprecedented
Symposium and will be distributed to all attendees.  Other Special Sessions
are on U.S./Caribbean Fisheries Policies Interactions and Conservation of
Reef Fish Spawning Aggregations. Other sessions include Marine Fisheries
Management, Invertebrate Biology and Fisheries, Recreational Fisheries,
Developments in Caribbean Aquaculture with a focus on Offshore Aquaculture,
and Biology of Reef and Pelagic Fishes. Complete registration is only $100
US ($50 US for students).  For more information about the meeting or GCFI,
go to http://www.gcfi.org/54th_gcfi.htm.  The program is located at

Robert Glazer
Board of Directors

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