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Prasanna Weerakkody firefish at
Thu Oct 18 20:45:32 EDT 2001

Dear Coral-listers.

The primary reef site I am working in has for the last 5 years had a serious
reef infestation of a Green colonial ascidian species belonging to the
family Didemnidae (possibly Genus Didemnum). The infestation took a heavy
toll on the reef accounting for about 20% of reef substrates at the peak of
the infestation. I have not been able to secure sufficient  infomation on
the biology, Taxonomy of the group despite efforts. Post to a storm on the
reef couple of months ago the Ascidians seem to have been naturally wiped
out of the reef in all sections of the reef except a patch roughly 50ft by

This species is among the most serious obstacle in our efforts at
restoration of the already degraded reef as ascidians would attack and kill
coral transplants forcing a heavy workload on the field team in physically
weeding out ascidians around transplants on a regular basis. As the extent
of the infestation has been naturally reduced significantly we are keen to
contain the infestation and prevent a re-infestation of the reef. we are
looking for ways.

I am hoping someone on the list would be able to point me in the right
direction for information/people working on Biology and Taxonomy of this
group of ascidians.


Prasanna Weerakkody,
Nature Conservation Group.
No.9, Balapokuna place
Colombo 6
Sri Lanka

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