Recent illness after boiling coral

Shiloh Ramos shilohjramos at
Sun Oct 21 21:34:53 EDT 2001

I am a resident physician in Appleton, WI, currently working at Appleton
Medical Center.  I have an inquiry regarding coral.  Recently, we admitted
7 patients with similar symptoms after boiling coral for a saltwater fish
tank.  Their primary symptoms/signs include: shortness of breath, fever,
headache, dry cough, and an elevated white count.  All 7 patients
developed these symptoms within several hours after boiling the coral.  
We have already begun testing for chromium, copper, zinc, manganese,
carbon monoxide, cyanide, and legionella.  We were wondering if you might
have any advice as to other substances that might be contained in coral or
used in its processing for sale.  As well, any advice regarding possible
infectious agents (such as Vibrio parahaemolyticus), would be appreciated.

Please send any email to shilohjramos at  If you have a more
immediate response, you can phone (920) 831-5042, and they should be able
to easily locate me.

Thanks again,
Shiloh J. Ramos

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