artificial reef creation

Peter van Treeck van_treeck at
Tue Oct 23 04:46:39 EDT 2001

Dear Coralleros,
I apologise for posting my response to the list but Michels` address
could not be contacted directly.

Dear Michel,

we are working on coral transplantation for several years.  We are using
electrochemical accretion method to transplant coral fragments. Projects
were done in Jordan and Egypt. References: VAN TREECK P & SCHUHMACHER H
(1997) Initial survival of coral nubbins transplanted by a new coral
transplantation technology. Mar Ecol Prog Ser 150: 287-292

VAN TREECK P & SCHUHMACHER H (1998) Mass diving tourism - a new
dimension calls for new management approaches. Mar Poll Bull 37:499-504

VAN TREECK P & SCHUHMACHER H (1999) Artificial reefs created by
electrolysis and coral transplantation- an approach ensuring the
compatibility of environmental protection and diving tourism. Estuarine,
coastal and shelf science 49:75-81

SCHUHMACHER H & VAN TREECK P (1999) Enhanced formation of protoreefs by
accretion technology and coral transplantation – Stepping stones in
degraded reefs. International Conference on Scientific Aspects of Coral
Reef Assessment, Monitoring and Restoration, Fort Lauderdale ( Abstract)

During our last project we could gain experiences in using coral fragments
produced by ship goundings for transplantation purposes, results will be

published in:

Transplantation of coral fragments from ship groundings on
electrochemically formed reef structures. Proc 9th Int Coral Reef Symp,
Bali 2000.

Cheers Peter

Peter van Treeck
Project coordinator CONTRAST,
CEO LIMARES marine branch
Institute for Ecology, Dpt. Hydrobiology
University of Essen
45117 Essen

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