Abstract deadline Nov 7 for Ocean Sciences Meeting, Honolulu

Mike Field mfield at usgs.gov
Tue Oct 30 17:28:55 EST 2001

This is a reminder that the deadline for electronic submission of
abstracts for the Coral Reef Session (OS11) and other sessions of interest
is Nov 8 at 1400 GMT. This obviously means that folks on the West Coast,
Hawaii, and other Pacific areas really need to submit on NOVEMBER 7.

For information about abstract submittal, go to:


During the past five years there has been an unprecedented explosion of
scientific investigations to map, assess, monitor, and understand coral
reef habitats. The driving impetus for the marked increase in studies was,
and continues to be, the recognition that human activities are having a
pronounced and measurable deleterious effect on reefs. Exacerbated coastal
sedimentation and pollution, over-fishing, and ocean warming are but a few
of the impacts leading to stress, increased disease, bleaching, and
necrosis. The complexities of coral reef habitats and the threats that
they face has led to studies that integrate science across a wide spectrum
of disciplines. Geodesy, sediment dynamics, remote sensing, geochemistry,
and coastal circulation are being joined with traditional disciplines in
ecology, geology, and zoology to provide new perspectives and new answers.
This session focuses on contributions about advancements in understanding
coral reef habitats through the integration of coastal science. New
methods and technologies for remote sensing and long term monitoring of
coral reefs will be highlighted, as will new understanding of the controls
on reef health and sustainability.

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