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Charles Delbeek delbeek at waquarium.org
Wed Oct 31 12:44:32 EST 2001

At 10:32 AM 10/31/2001 +0000, you wrote:
>Without recreational divers the academic community has NO hope of 
>spreading the word about the plight of the world's reefs.

I believe the marine reef keeping hobby has a very large % of "reef aware" 
individuals, perhaps more so than the diving community .. since these 
individuals have a great deal of experience with what is necessary for 
healthy corals to survive and grow and an appreciation of their delicacy. 
This is also a very useful group when it comes to spreading awareness of 
corals reefs and their inhabitants to the general public. I know several 
hobbyists who regularly have groups of elementary students visit their 
homes to view their reef aquaria and learn about coral reefs in general.


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