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Dear Coral List-Server Member:

I wish to announce the publication of my book on coral diseases, The Ecology and Etiology of Newly Emerging Marine Diseases, which will be published by Kluwer Academic Press in October of this year. This edited volume has 20 papers; the Table of Contents is listed below.

The purchase price after October will be around $150.00, but Kluwer has graciously agreed to sell this book to Coral List Server members for $55.00 (the same price as for authors who have articles appearing in the book). Although the book will be shipped from The Netherlands, I have to collect the money from each pre-publication purchaser. They appear to be treating this almost as if it were a reprint order, with the reprint orders placed in advance of the publication date.

If you are interested in getting a copy of this book, please e-mail your intent to purchase this book to Kluwer's Special Issues Coordinator, Ms. Cynthia de Jonge (cynthia.dejong at and include your full mailing address for their shipping department. Please copy this e-mail to me (jporter at and send a check or money order to: Dr. James W. Porter / Institute of Ecology / University of Georgia / Athens / GA / 30602 / USA. The money must be received by 15-October-2001; only books that have been pre-paid will be shipped from Holland.

I truly apologize for this odd way of doing business, but these are their rules, and to take advantage of the reduced price, we have to abide by them. 


Jim Porter

Table of Contents

Chapter 1   Porter, Dustan, Jaap, Patterson, Kosmynin, Meier, Patterson, and Parsons. Patterns of spread of coral disease in the Florida Keys.

Chapter 2   Aronson and Precht White-band and the changing face of Caribbean coral reefs

Chapter 3   Santavy, Mueller, Peters, MacLaughlin, Porter, Patterson, and Campbell. Quantitative assessment of coral diseases in the Florida Keys: Strategy and methodology.

Chapter 4   Cervino, Goreau, Nagelkerken, Smith, and Hayes. Yellow band and dark spot syndromes in Caribbean corals: Distribution, rate of spread, cytology, and effects on abundance and division rate of zooxanthellae.

Chapter 5   Garzon-Ferreira, Gil-Agudelo, Barrios, and Zea . Stony coral diseases observed in southwestern Caribbean.

Chapter 6   Richardson, Smith, Ritchie, and Carlton. Integrating microbiological, microsensor, molecular, and physiologic techniques in the study of coral disease.

Chapter 7   Scully, Prappas and Ostrander. Laboratory models for the study of coral pathologies.

Chapter 8   Harvell, Kim, Quirolo, Weir, and Smith. Coral bleaching and disease: Contributors to 1998 mass mortality in Briareum asbestinum (0ctocorallia, Gorgonacea).

Chapter 9   Alker, Smith, and Kim. Characterization of Aspergillus sydowii (Thom et Church), a fungal pathogen of Caribbean sea fan corals.

Chapter 10   Acosta. Disease in Zoanthids: dynamics in space and time.

Chapter 11   Ritchie, Polson, and Smith. Microbial disease causation in marine invertebrates: Problems, practices, and future prospects.

Chapter 12   Colwell and Huq Marine ecosystems and cholera.

Chapter 13   Bouma and Pascual Seasonal and interannual cycles of endemic cholera in Bengal 1891-1940 in relation to climate and geography.

Chapter 14   Jiang Vibrio cholerae in coastal waters of Southern California: Abundance, distribution and relationship to environmental conditions.

Chapter 15   Lipp, Rodriguez-Palacios, and Rose. Occurrence and distribution of the human pathogen Vibrio vulnificus in a subtropical Gulf of Mexico estuary.

Chapter 16   Noble and Fuhrman Enteroviruses detected by reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction from the coastal waters of Santa Monica Bay, California: Low correlation to bacterial indicator levels.

Chapter 17   Mallin, Ensign, McIver, Shank, and Fowler. Demographic, landscape, and meteorological factors controlling the microbial pollution of coastal waters.

Chapter 18   Hofmann, Ford, Powell, and Klinck. Modeling studies of the effect of climate variability on MSX disease in eastern oyster (Crassostrea virginica) populations.

Chapter 19   Hayes, Bonaventura, Mitchell, Prospero, Shinn, Van Dolah, and Barber. How are climate and marine biological outbreaks functionally linked?

Chapter 20   Blaylock, Overstreet, and Klich. Mycoses in red snapper (Lutjanus campechanus) caused by two deuteromycete fungi (Penicillium corylophilum and Cladosporium sphaerospermum).

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