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FYI,  There is a Coastal Services Center position opening for a "Program

Training Specialist (Coastal)".  It is listed at a GS 12 (51-67K/year) at
WWW.USAJOBS.OPM.GOV, announcement E-CSC-01310.SDT Its specific website is

The position would be located in Charleston SC and will be a full-time
federal position.  It is open to anyone who qualifies. Our ideal canidate
would be strong in process skills, a great trainer, and know coastal
issues.  The position closes Sept. 10, 2001. Please, pass this information
on to your colleagues that are open to job opportunities.  We are trying
to announce it broadly so that we get a great applicant pool Thanks

Ginger Hinchcliff
Coastal Learning Services
NOAA Coastal Services Center
2234 South Hobson Ave
Charleston, SC  29405
(843) 740-1184

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