Renilla sample

Juan A. Sanchez js15 at
Wed Sep 5 19:09:16 EDT 2001

Dear coral-list members,

I'm graduate student working on the evolution and dynamics of colony form in
modular marine organisms, particularly gorgonian corals (Dr. Lasker lab). As
part of my thesis, I'm recovering the phylogenetic relations of the shallow
water Caribbean gorgonians, which are perhaps the most conspicuous
inhabitants of Caribbean fore reefs nowadays. I have already sequenced
several subunits of NADH dehydrogenase (ca 1500 bp), which have a great deal
of phylogenetic signal/information. However, I've had slightly different
outcomes when choosing outgroup among Briareum, Sarcophyton, Paragorgia,
Iciligorgia or Ctenocella. Therefore, I would like to include a more
reliable outgroup, which I think should be a pennatulacean octocoral such as
Renilla.  I would greatly appreciate if anyone from the coral-list could
provide me a sample (1-2 cm of dry, DMSO, Acetone, or ETOH [hopefully > 90%]
preserved) of Renilla (or any other pennatulacean). Thanking you in
anticipation. Best regards,


Juan A. Sanchez
Department of Biological Sciences
109 Cooke Hall
SUNY at Buffalo, NY 14260, USA

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