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Thu Sep 6 20:24:05 EDT 2001

Dear Coral listers

Earthwatch Institute offers scientific field research Expeditions 
that require SCUBA divers and/or experienced snorkelers to help 
collect data.

Earthwatch Institute is a non-profit organization that funds 
scientific field research through volunteers' contributions. 
Volunteers pay a Share of Cost of the Research and join scientists in 
the field to help them collect data.  Volunteers are trained on the 
methodologies and data collection techniques when in the field. 
Up-to-date open water certification is required to SCUBA dive.

There is a growing demand for Earthwatch volunteers to help 
scientists collect data.  Earthwatch supports research that 
investigates many aspects of coral reef ecology such as coral 
bleaching, diseases, coral reef fish mortality, coral reef light 
management, species diversity, and the importance of other ecosystems 
that surround coral reef communities.   Earthwatch provides an 
opportunity for divers and snorkelers to use their much-needed skills 
while collecting important scientific data.  The data that is 
collected could be used to create a management plan that may 
establish a marine reserve or to help define new species of octopi!

SCUBA only Expeditions

Jamaica's Coral Reefs-  first EWI season in 2002

Expedition will be investigating the recruitment of hard corals in 
Discovery Bay, Jamaica.  Volunteers will be collecting data on 
species numbers and diversity, morphological measurements, survival 
rates, and population size of different coral species.  All volunteer 
tasks require SCUBA.

March 25-April 3 2002
April 3-12 2002
April 12-21 2002

Principle Investigator - Dr. James Crabbe
Contact: Eleanor Loudon 61-3-9682 6828   earth at

Conserving Costa Rican Octopuses-  2nd EWI season in 2002

Biological survey of octopuses on west coast of Central America. 
Volunteers will be handling octopuses and observing their behavior. 
2001 field season with EWI volunteers potentially found 2 new 
species!  The island is remote and there will be no electricity.  All 
volunteer tasks require SCUBA.

May 30- June 6 2002
  June 7-14 2002

Principle Investigator - Dr. John Cigliano
Contact: Eleanor Loudon 61-3-9682 6828   earth at

SCUBA and Advanced Snorkel Expeditions

Luminous Life of the Great Barrier Reef-  First EWI season 2002

Volunteers will assist in surveying and collection of fluorescent 
proteins to study light management of coral reefs.  Fluorescent 
proteins that may prove to be useful tools for research on diseases 
will be cloned in the Lizard Island Marine Lab.  Volunteers will be 
able to assist with all aspects of the research from underwater to in 
the lab!  

May 10-19 2002
May 19-28 2002
May 28-June 6 2002

Principle Investigator - Dr. Vincent Pieribone
Contact: Eleanor Loudon 61-3-9682 6828   earth at

Saving Philippine's Reefs-  9th EWI season

Help Dr. White, a recent PEW fellow recipient, collect data for coral 
reef monitoring, surveys, and mapping in the Batangas area.  The data 
collected has assisted in management efforts of the Tubbataha 
National Marine Park.

Spring 2003

Principle Investigator - Dr. Alan White
Contact: Eleanor Loudon 61-3-9682 6828   earth at

SCUBA and Snorkel Expeditions

Damselfish of Barbados-  2nd EWI season in 2002

Studying the mortality rate of damselfish hatchlings by monitoring 
their nests.   Eggs and hatchlings are "tracked" with a dye that 
permanently stains the otoliths (ear bones).  Data collected will 
help support rationale for local marine reserves.

June-August 2002

Principle Investigator - Dr. Suzanne Dorsey
Contact: Eleanor Loudon 61-3-9682 6828   earth at

Snorkel Only Expeditions

Bahamian Reef Survey-  10th EWI season in 2002

Volunteers participate in research on coral bleaching episodes of 
patch reefs off the island of San Salvador.  Volunteers will assist 
with monitoring the long-term health of the reefs and study emerging 
coral diseases.  Strong swimmers and surface diving required.

February 16-23 2002
June 26-July 6 2002
November 23-30 2002

PIs-  Tom and Laura McGrath
Contact: Eleanor Loudon 61-3-9682 6828   earth at

Coral Reefs of the Virgin Islands- First EWI season in 2002

Study effects of  human disturbance on coral reefs and nearby 
communities such as mangroves, seagrass, and rocky intertidal zones. 
Strong swimmers and surface diving required.

January 15-22 2002
January 24-31 2002

PIs-  Dr. David Booth and Giglia Beretta
Contact: Eleanor Loudon 61-3-9682 6828   earth at

Manatees of Belize-  2nd EWI season

Investigating the habitat and behavioral ecology of Antillian 
manatees in the Drowned Cayes area of Belize.  Volunteer assignments 
are mostly boat based but include snorkeling for sea grass samples.

June-August 2002

Co-PIs- Katherine LaCommare and Caryn Self Sullivan
Contact: Eleanor Loudon 61-3-9682 6828   earth at

Expeditions in the Pipeline

Thailand's Island Reefs- First EWI season 2002

Purpose of study is to determine biodiversity baseline of marine 
invertebrates for coral reef management of the Andaman Sea. 
Volunteers will be surveying a total of ten islands off of Phuket 
Island. Snorklers must be strong swimmers and be able to dive at 
least 2meters.

April 1-10 2002
April 15-25 2002
May 1-10 2002

Principle Investigator- Dr. Suchana Chavanich
Contact: Eleanor Loudon 61-3-9682 6828   earth at

Underwater Archeology in Australia  -SCUBA only

Eleanor Loudon
Supporter and Volunteer Programs
Earthwatch Australia
126 Bank St
South Melbourne VIC 3205
ph  61(0)3 9682 6828
fax  61 (0)3 9686 3652

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