coral reefs doomed?

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Dear Jim and Bob,

Regarding Jim's:

>Such a projection gives no "credit" to adapatation and natural selection,
>even though such adaptation would have to occur under a relatively short
>time span (50 years).

In a nut shell, isn't the overriding problem (which Bob addressed in a 
plenary session at the NCRI symposium in Ft. Lauderdale) the fact that 
the increasing CO2 concentration in the atmosphere is changing the pH of 
the ocean (making it more acidic) and reducing the ability of corals to 
calcify properly (Bob's point number 3 stated in brief and in relation to 
high latitude)?  So, no matter where a coral goes - it is going to have 
problems surviving.

Wasn't it also at the NCRI Symposium plenary session where Bob estimated 
coral reefs had only about 50 years to survive and this prediction was 
related to the change in pH not temperature (as stated in the press 

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