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Ursula Keuper-Bennett howzit at turtles.org
Thu Sep 13 10:17:14 EDT 2001

Hi Jim (CORAL-Lers)

The commentary by Canadian Gordon Sinclair, "American: The Good Neighbor" 
has been making the rounds.

I note with interest the introduction, "From a Canadian newspaper some time 

"some time ago" Jim turns out to be June 5, 1973.

Please see the commentary in its entirety at:


Canadian broadcast/journalist Gordon Sinclair died in 1984 at age 84.

I believe he'd be gratified that the words he spoke in 1973 are giving 
comfort to Americans close to 30 years later.

I'm Canadian also.  (In fact my husband and I were on a flight from Hawaii 
back to Canada the night of September 10th.  We arrived in Toronto about 
6:30 am September 11th.  Save but a few hours the other way and we'd have 
been stranded like so many others still are.)

I just re-read Sinclair's comment and can only add one thing.

As a Canadian I know what "United States" means.  "United States" isn't 
just the prime defender (and sometimes it appears the sole defender) of 
democracy, but the best friend Canada has ever had.

Lots of Canadians know this.

Sinclair just said it best, that's all.  Sweet and loud.

Jim, I appreciate the work you put into keeping CORAL-L running.  This is a 
wonderful mailing list --and community.

Best wishes,

At 08:20 AM 9/13/01 -0400, Jim Hendee wrote:
>Re: Spate of viruses:
>On second thought, I'm not going to let the dirty rotten scoundrels who
>write viruses e-Terrorize our great club of coral researchers and
>enthusiasts by shutting down coral-list, even temporarily--I believe I
>have enough protection installed to protect list subscribers (mainly
>through moderation of the list, which I will do temporarily), and I hope
>you have installed the latest virus checker on your computer.  Please
>resume sending whatever coral news you feel is appropriate to the list.
>And in that spirit, I think I speak for all Americans in thanking our
>international colleagues who have sent us their messages of condolences
>during this enormous national tragedy, the massacre of thousands in our
>country at the hands of unconscionable zealots on September 11, 2001. This
>great nation and the freedom it stands for will not be intimidated, but
>will endure and triumph.
>I leave you with a quote (which I personally feel applies to the plight of
>corals, as well as to our national sadness) from Sir Winston Churchill,
>and a message from the Canadian broadcaster, Gordon Sinclair.
>"For myself, I am an optimist.  It does not seem to be much use being
>anything else."
>                         -- Sir Winston Churchill
>     From a Canadian newspaper some time ago:
>     America: The Good Neighbor.
>      Widespread but only partial news coverage was given
>     recently to a remarkable editorial broadcast from
>     Toronto by Gordon Sinclair, a Canadian television
>     commentator. What follows is the full text of his
>     trenchant remarks as printed in the Congressional Record:
>     "This Canadian thinks it is time to speak up for the
>     Americans as the most generous and possibly the least
>     appreciated people on all the earth.

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