Monitoring for small MPAs

Peter Craig Peter_Craig at
Tue Sep 18 08:59:20 EDT 2001

     Report Available: monitoring coral reef in small MPAs.

     A workshop was convened to view coral reef monitoring from a small park 
     perspective, where local resources are far fewer than occur in more 
     developed states or countries with numerous management agencies and 
     academic institutions.  The workshop first identified who the monitoring 
     program was for, and then examined what information was needed and why. 
     Monitoring questions related to these needs were formulated, followed by a 
     listing of indicators that would provide the desired information by 
     tracking changes in reef condition over time.  While the workshop report 
     focuses specifically on American Samoa, it may be a useful approach 
     elsewhere, because it provides a convenient way to identify and prioritize 
     variables that should be included in a monitoring plan:

          "Developing a coral reef monitoring program for the National Park 
          of American Samoa:  a practical, management-driven approach for 
          small marine protected areas". 2001. P.Craig and L.Basch

     For copies, contact: peter_craig at  
     National Park of American Samoa, Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799

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