Ivan Marin ic771inm at
Mon Sep 24 23:59:05 EDT 2001

Dear Coral-lers,

     I have a problem with availability of some literature. I cann't =
find following papers in libraries of my region and University. Our =
libraries are not rich with foreign literature.

    I am interesting in Dr. P.W. Glynn investigation as I study =
coral-associated Decapoda and very interested in their interrelations =
with their host. As all of You study coral and coral communities, I hope =
that it would be easy to help me, especially somebody can study this =

    I am looking for following papers:

Glynn, P.W., 1976 Some physical and biological determinants of coral =
community structure in the Eastern Pacific. Ecol. Monogr., 46: 431-456.

Glynn, P.W., 1980. Defense by symbiotic crustacea of host corals =
elicited by chemical cues from predator. Oecologia, 47: 287-290.

Glynn, P.W., 1981. Acanthaster population regulation by a shrimps and =
worms. PCRS-4, Vol. 2, p. 607-612.

Glynn, P.W., 1983. Crustacean symbionts and defense of corals. =
Coevolution. Chicago: Univ. Press. p. 111-178.

Glynn, P.W., 1983 Increased survivorship in coral harboring crustacean =
symbionts. Mar. Biol. Letters, 4.

Glynn, P.W., M. Petez & S.L. Gilchrist, 1985. Lipid decline in stressed =
corals and their crustacean symbionts. Biol. Bull, 168: 276-284.

     I couldn't find any reference of Glynn' pepers since 1985, can =
anybody help me in this question too.
    Thank You very much. I am looking for Your requests.

    Sincerely Yours, Marin Ivan

Marin Ivan
Zoological Department
Biological Faculty
Altay State University
St.Lenina, 61
656099 Barnaul

It will be better if address is written so (in Russian by Latin =
To Marin Ivan
771 gruppa
Kafedra Zoologiy
Biologicheskiy Facul'tet
Altaiskiy Gosudarstvenny Universitet
Prospect Lenina, 61
656099, Barnaul, Russia=20

   Or I have my private post address:
656038, Barnaul-38, p/o box 75. Russia.

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