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I graduated in 1997 with an undergraduate degree in Aquatic Biology from
St. Mary's College of Maryland. I then spent two years living on a
research vessel in Southeast Asia and the Pacific, coordinating volunteer
research on coral reef health and vitality. During that time I witnessed a
number of different human-induced stresses on reefs, including cyanide
fishing, blast fishing, deforestation and runoff, and overfishing.
Although my background is in formal biological research, I have become
equally as interested in the social and cultural aspects of resource
management, including incorporating traditional knowlege into management
decisions. I would like to work on marine conservation issues with local
communities in southeast asia and the pacific.

I am currently enrolled in a M.S. in Environmental Studies Program at the
College of Charleston, but I am looking for graduate programs that combine
courses in marine ecology and conservation (most specifically coral reef
ecology) with courses and/or research in cultural issues, traditional
knowledge, and how these subjects relate to marine conservation and
management.  I was wondering if any of the institutions you are affiliated
with might offer such a program, or if you know of another institution
that would.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration,

Qamar Schuyler

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