A Touching Video

Trish Hunt gigi101 at bellsouth.net
Sat Sep 29 14:00:30 EDT 2001

I know the Coral List isn’t an outlet for current events unrelated to the
natural sciences, but I was deeply moved by the citizens of other nations
that post to this list.  The posts of condolences for those touched by the
recent events on the USA, the world in fact, have motivated me to pass
along this link for a very touching video.  A very thoughtful and talented
individual from somewhere on our earth has apparently worked very hard to
put something together that voices the gratitude and deep appreciation
that, not only I, but our country as a whole, is feeling towards the rest
of the world right now.

Despite the disagreements and politically correct debating that takes
place on this list server, I have come to know the people that post here
as thoughtful, considerate, and very helpful people from all over.  I
never in my imagination thought I would have long conversations with
people from Fiji, India, Australia, and South America.  With so many
people reading these posts from all over the world every day, I could
think of no better place to pass this link along since the video is
directed mostly to those of other nations that have stood by our sides
through this tragedy.  Please take into consideration that citizens of
other nations were lost in these tragedies also, and there hasn’t been
much word of this.

If the video offends anyone or someone feels I shouldn’t have put it here,
I do apologize; but as I said, when you are wanting to get a word of
thanks to people from all over the world, I could think of no where else
to go.  Rest assured, I am not the type of person that “spams” people to
death with forwards so please know that I won’t post anything else like
this again.  I was moved to say thank you in my own little way, to the
people I may one day call colleagues.  Thank you for your understanding.

Patricia Hunt


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