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Mon Apr 1 12:47:16 EST 2002

The Government of Grand Cayman is about to okay a commerical dock to be
located near the dive site Iron Shore Gardens in the East End of Grand

The site is historically non commercial.  The area has some of the best
coral and marine life you will find any where.  The East End of Cayman is a
world apart from the South side of Cayman.  The coral are healthy and the
marine life is abundant.

The government basically has done a 14 week impact study.  I am an
environmental proffessional whose career is on the marine contractor side of
the fence.  But the rules are the rules.  How can any one make a
determination of feasibility on such a diverse site in 14 weeks?  The person
who is conducting this study is related to the largest property owner on the
east end.

Cayman is a Crown Colony and Great Britian  has signed many treaties to
protect coral.  So if any are interested, I will put out the contact list
that I have.  If any one has had contact with the British environmental
agencies, please contact them.

Thank you

Janet Malloy

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