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For that it's worth, the following was posted about two months ago, on the
same topic:

There is a proposal to move all of the commercial shipping, including Exxon
& Texaco (with their tanker trucks) out to the East End -- the Ironshore
  Gardens/Blow Hole area to be specific -- a HUGE commercial dock/marina.
Residents will not only have no roads left, but will have an amazing view
of the
  commercial shipping industry, including the huge freighters that will be
sitting offshore, unable to get into the dock (those who have been diving
the East End
  know how iffy the waters can be there). THEN they propose building a huge
dock system in the George Town Harbor so they can have up to TEN (10) cruise
  ships docked there each day.


  Department of Environment, P.O. Box 486 GT, Cayman Islands, B.W.I. -

  Arden McLean (Government Officer for the East End) - cteam at

  McKeeva Bush - Minister for Tourism, Environment & Transport, Government
Administration Building, George Town, Grand Cayman, B.W.I.
  345-244-2458 - jacui.bush at

My $0.02,

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