coral bleaching

Bárbara Ramos barbarela_blu at
Mon Apr 1 20:53:47 EST 2002

My name is Bárbara and I'm a brazilian student. I'm
finishing the graduation in biology at the federal
university of Pernambuco and my monografy is about
coral bleaching from the reef table type of
Maracajau-RN. I've been orinted by Elga Maÿal.I`m
working with  2 endemic corals (Siderastrea stellata,
Favia gravida) and Porites astreoides; analising
stable isotops and zooxanthellae density. The fact is
that I'm having some difficulties with metodology and
references, so I'd like to ask you if its possible for
you to send me some articles.
sinceraly grateful, Bárbara

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