FL Keys reef directory?

Mikhail Matz matz at whitney.ufl.edu
Tue Apr 9 10:24:50 EDT 2002

Dear Listers,

Could anybody please direct me to the kind of directory of the coral
reefs of Florida Keys? I am [almost] sure there is sometyhing like this
around; I am interested in the list of the best known locations with
brief descriptions. The descriptions I am looking for would include
latitude-longitude, depth, reef type, major reef-building species, and
relevant events documented in the recent past (such as hurricane damage
or bleaching).
This information I need to pick out several ecologically different
locations to study the distribution of color morphs of certain coral
species between them. I would greatly appreciate your advice.


Mikhail V. Matz, Ph.D.

Whitney Laboratory
University of Florida
9505 Ocean Shore blvd
St Augustine FL 32080-8610, USA
phone +1 904 461 4025
fax +1 904 461 4008

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