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Dear listers,

Apologies for being a little late to the game (thanks to fieldwork) ...

The last 5 years has seen a significant growth in the used of
Community-Based Monitoring mostly in community and protected-area
projects in Mozambique, Tanzania and Kenya.  We recently reported on
this in three projects - the Kiunga Marine Reserve, Kenya (Kenya
Wildlife Service and WWF), the Diani area, Kenya (not a project,
supported by CORDIO) and the Tanga Coastal Zone Conservation and
Development Project, Tanzania (District government and IUCN) - in a
paper that is just coming out in Marine and Freshwater Fisheries and is
available electronically now and in print soon.  The reference is-

Obura, D.O., Wells, S., Church, J., Horrill, C.. (2002) Monitoring of
fish and fish catches by local fishermen in Kenya and Tanzania. Marine
and Freshwater Fisheries 53(2) xx-xx

Each of the projects has a great deal more experience than can be
written in peer-reviewed publications and we are trying to get a more
coherent framework for sharing experiences for ourselves and for the
community participants in the projects.  For more information on any of
these, feel free to contact the projects directly, and two of the most
accessible references are also given below.



Kiunga Marine Reserve - wwfkiungu at
Diani area - dobura at
Tanga Project - tangacoast at

Horrill JC, Kalombo H, and Makoloweka S 2001.  Collaborative Reef and
Reef Fisheries Management in Tanga, Tanzania.  Tanga Coastal Zone
Conservation and Development Programme/IUCN Eastern Africa Programme.
IUCN Eastern Africa Regional Office, Nairobi, Kenya.  37 pp.

Obura, D.O. 2001. Participatory Monitoring Of Shallow Tropical Marine
Fisheries By Artisanal Fishers In Diani, Kenya. Bulletin of Marine
Science. 69:777-792.


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