Call for directors and volunteers

David Browne david.browne at
Wed Apr 24 14:17:03 EDT 2002

                   Interested in saving marine ecosystems?
               Want to use or develop your leadership skills?
             Interested in being part of an international team?

                         Ocean Voice International
             is looking for new Directors and committee members!

Ocean Voice International is a small, non-profit, marine conservation
organization based in Ottawa, Canada.  Founded in 1987, Ocean Voice works
toward the protection of marine habitats and sustainable marine resource
use.  We focus on community-based projects and alternative livelihoods for
coastal communities in Canada and overseas.  Past projects have included
sustainable aquarium fish harvest in the Philippines, community
participation in marine park management and coastal zone management in
Indonesia, and public education on coral reef conservation in the
Caribbean.  Ocean Voice also publishes a quarterly marine conservation
journal, Sea Wind, and technical reports on the status of marine resources.

We are looking for individuals from Canada and other countries with varying
levels and types of experience and an interest in marine conservation issues
who are interested in serving on the Board of Directors or one of the
working committees of Ocean Voice.  Members of the Board of Directors have
worked on developing new projects and establishing links with other
organizations and governments.  They oversee the administration of the
organization.  Working committees include the editorial board of Sea Wind,
the environmental education committee, and the fundraising committee.
Individuals with experience working on Boards/Committees and in areas such
as research, administration, policy development, fundraising, marketing or
communications are especially encouraged to get involved.

We will be holding our Annual General Meeting on June 1st in Ottawa.
If you are interested in becoming involved with Ocean Voice, please contact
us at:

Ocean Voice International
Box 37026
3332 McCarthy Rd.
Ottawa, Ontario     K1V 0W0

Tel  613-721-4541
Fax 613-721-4562
Email  oceans at
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