Fihs kill in Réunion, SW Indian ocean

Jean Pascal QUOD jpquod.arvam at
Wed Apr 24 23:28:04 EDT 2002

Dear Coral listers,

We are writing today as since february, west coast of Réunion is
experiencing a fish kill event, still running on. We have suffered from a
previous outbreak in november 2000 wich killed deep species such as
carnivorous species cf groupers V louti, and herbivorous fishes.

The actual situation seems to coincide with the cyclone DINA but we have not
been able to confirm either this occurence nor the triggering factors.
Streptoccocus bacteria have been identified both in 2002 & 2002.

If you can contribute to understanding key issues, give us accurate
protocols, please contact Jean Turquet, Environment Toxicology Unit, Réunion
(Email  jturquet.arvam at

Best regards,

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