Porites - coral as building material

Tom Williams ctwiliams at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 1 03:38:10 EDT 2002

To All

Having read alot about septic tanks and sceptic tanks
I would like to note that the use of septic tanks - no
matter whether with or without porites or any other
coral, brick or concrete depends on leaching of the
effluent into the groundwater table and requires
distance between water wells and leach field in order
to filter out the bad things..which will be done in
most island areas...the leachate being rich in
nitrates will eventually get to the shore - and white
sands may turn green and black.

Pit Privy in coralline sand are as useful as septic
tanks - but in dense urban areas without groundwater
uses septic tank are common.

Uses of coral also include burning the coral for lime
for plaster work in buildings.

Tom Williams

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