Dynamics of Coral Communities

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I am posting this information because Kluwer has given an August 30th
deadline for responses to their offer to publish a paperback edition of my
book, Dynamics of Coral Communities.  They are offering an 80% discount!
Ron Karlson
Now in Paperback:
Dynamics of Coral Communities

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Dynamics of Coral Communities by Ronald H. Karlson, Department of
Biological Sciences, University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware,

This book focuses on the dynamical processes influencing the
structure of coral communities, some of the most biologically
diverse communities on earth. A variety of biological and physical
processes operating across an enormous range of spatiotemporal
scales are highlighted (e.g., niche partitioning, biological
interactions, disturbance phenomena, large-scale tectonic,
eustatic, climatic, and oceanographic processes). The focus on the
community provides a framework for presenting some of the best
examples from the literature using multiple taxonomic groups (e.g.,
corals, fishes, encrusting invertebrates). The theoretical
background and relevant evidence is provided for several important
processes: the influence of keystone species on community
stability, ecological succession, interspecific competition,
consumer-resource interactions, disturbance-mediated species
coexistence, saturation, limited membership, and regional
enrichment. The merits of integrating the local perspective,
emphasizing niche theory and biological interactions, with a larger
historical-geographical perspective are discusses for coral
communities in a biogeographical context.

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction. 2. Diversity. 3. Stability. 4. Succession. 5.
Interspecific competition. 6. Consumer-resource interactions. 7.
Disturbance. 8. Large-scale perspectives. 9. Integration across

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