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Mon Aug 5 13:37:00 EDT 2002

Santa Barbara July 31, 2002

Hello everyone,

My name is Louis Prezelin. I have had the privilege of spending many years
documenting the undersea world with the Cousteau expeditions and work on
programs with National Geographic, The Discovery Channel, The Travel Channel
and others.

I am presently involved in the writing of a proposal for a series of one
hours television specials on the subject of coral reefs of the world.

Considering the number of shows produced on this subject, I am focusing on
innovative angles to this broad topic, such as:

- Human stories illustrating the interaction of humans and reefs throughout
the world in the past and present time. This includes the good, the bad and
the ugly. I wish to inspire but also offer striking reality checks.

- Research programs with a potential for an attractive visual story such as
extraordinary behaviors and aspects of the reef ecosystem which have not yet
been documented on television.

- Reef studies pushing the conventional envelop and including the use of
exotic undersea devices such as subs, ROVs or other intriguing "toys".

- … Anything else which, in your opinion, would make a good story for the
general public!

I look forward to your thoughts on creative reef stories. I also welcome the
opportunity to discuss featuring you or your work as part of this series
which will offer significant opportunity for exposure.

Thank you for your interest.


Louis Prezelin
Phone/fax: 805 966 9819

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