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Dear all,

Recently I got more then a few requests regarding the dates for coral
spawning on Curacao (12N69W). Based on the previous five years the predicted
dates and times are as follows:

Acropora palmata:
September 25-26 between 21h15 and 21h45

Acropora cervicornis:
September 25-26 between 21h00 and 21h00

Diploria strigosa:
September 28 around 20h45

Montastraea cavernosa:
September 26-27 between 21h30 and 22h30
October 26-27 between 21h30 and 22h30

Montastraea annularis complex:
September 27-28 between 21h30 and 22h30
October 27-28 between 21h30 and 22h30

Eusmilia fastigiata:
eggs are visible in tentacles throughout late  September and October
Larval release occurs September 27-29 between 21h15 and 22h30 and October
27-29 between 21h15 and 22h30

Madracis senaria:
Larval release: September 29 -30 and October 29-30 at an unknown time

Agaricia humilis and A. agaricites:
These corals are already "busy" and release planulae during most part of the
year. You might be lucky to see a few small orange "balls" being released.

Stephanocoenia michelini:
October 25-29 between 21h00 and 22h00, these colonies are hermaphroditic
which is quite a spectacular sight: one part releasing sperm, the other

What else to expect?
Ophiuridae can spawn in early evening (around 20h00), Diadema, Hermodice and
Holothuridae during the day, some gorgonians release planulae in the early
evening (around 19h00). Neofibrularia during the day from 24-26 September
and same dates for October.

Please keep in mind that these dates are expectations. Have fun!


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