Ocean Policy and Re: Announcement: U.S. Coral Reef Task Force meeting October 2-3, 2002

Roger B Griffis Roger.B.Griffis at noaa.gov
Mon Aug 12 01:10:59 EDT 2002

Dr. Muller-Karger,

Thank you for your recent message and invitation for recommendations
from the United States Coral Reef Task Force.  I will forward your
request to the Task Force for action.  Look forward to working with

Roger Griffis

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From: Frank Muller-Karger <carib at seas.marine.usf.edu>
Date: Saturday, August 10, 2002 4:03 am
Subject: Ocean Policy and Re: Announcement:  U.S. Coral Reef Task
Force meeting October 2-3, 2002

> Dear Roger et al.:
> As you know, the U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy has been meeting
> aroundthe country over the past 9 months collecting input from the
> public,academia, industry, and government on issues that need to
> be considered
> in
> updating our country's ocean policy. We have had meetings in Puerto
> Rico,
> Florida, Hawaii, and the Gulf area, and have heard substantial
> testimonyon tropical coral reef issues from these areas and from
> representativesfrom the Virgin Islands and Guam, and from many
> public speakers.
> An important objective of this public Commission is to study direct
> recommendations for policy options in the process in drafting the
> reportdue to the President and Congress in the first half of 2003.
> To date, we
> have had very few explicit, direct, concrete recommendations for
> policydirections for the Federal Government on the wide range of
> issues that
> affect or are related to coral reefs.
> As a member of the Commission's Stewardship Working Group, I would
> liketo
> request that the Coral Reef Task Force provide the Commission with a
> list
> of specific policy recommendations that we should consider in
> developingpolicy regarding coral reef environments. The more
> specific the
> recommendations, the better and more valuable to the Commission they
> will
> be. The Stewardship Working Group will be working with the other
> workinggroups in defining policy recommendations, including in
> areas relevant
> to
> "governance", "research, education, monitoring, and operations", and
> "investment and implementation", which are the focus of the other
> working groups of the Commission with those names.
> As you know, background on our goals and mandate, background on
> Commissioners, and copies of testimony submitted to the Commission to
> date
> may be found on our web page:
> http://oceancommission.gov
> I would urge you, others on the Task force, and any of our colleagues
> interested in providing input to the Commission, to review our draft
> "issues"  and questions, posted on the web, and provide us with
> feedback.
> The feedback may come as comments on the document, or, again, as
> specific
> recommendations for policy options.
> This is a process in which we all have a chance to participate,
> and I
> welcome as much interaction with you and others interested as is
> possible.
> Best regards, Frank
> Frank Muller-Karger
> U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy
> and
> University of South Florida
> College of Marine Science
> 140 7th Ave. S.
> St. Petersburg, FL 33701
> On Thu, 8 Aug 2002, Roger B Griffis wrote:
> > Preliminary Announcement - Meeting of the United States Coral
> Reef Task
> > Force October 2-3, 2003
> >
> > The United States Coral Reef Task Force will meet October 2-3,
> 2002 in
> > San Juan, Puerto Rico.  The meeting is open to the public and
> > opportunity for public comment will be provided.  Additional
> information> on agenda, location etc will be available on or
> before September 1 on
> > the Task Force web site http://coralreef.gov/ or from
> > roger.b.griffis at noaa.gov.
> >
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