Baker/Howland bleaching event - severe??

Alan E Strong Alan.E.Strong at
Fri Aug 16 11:11:07 EDT 2002


Howland and Baker Islands -- 0-1N; 176W

HotSpots have occupied these location along the
Equator from this year's El Nino as it continues to
remain parked over the central equatorial Pacific
since mid-May!  Degree Heating Weeks [accumulations
of excessive thermal stress - Hotspots] are presently
in excess of 12 DHWs...nearly 15 at the slightly more
southern Baker Island!!  Since we have been collecting
HotSpots and DHWs [beginning 1998] we have never
seen much of any accumulation of thermal stress at this
location (near the International Dateline)....even the El
Nino of 1998, with its associated bleaching events
bypassed Howland and Baker .  Reports needed.


Two white dots (land) are Howland/Baker:

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