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Dear all,
A reminder that the deadline for submission of manuscripts for a Special
Issue of Coral Reefs on Marginal and Non Reef-Building Coral Environments is
Sept. 1st 2002. Please see below for further details. Following discussions
with Elsevier it is intended that this issue will now form part of Volume 22
(published late 2003).

Volume 22 of Coral Reefs will include a Special Issue entitled “Marginal and
Non Reef-Building Coral Environments.” The aim of this thematic issue is to
highlight the varied character, processes, and issues relevant to more
marginal coral-dominated settings, including high- latitude environments,
high-turbidity sites, fluvially influenced sites, upwelling-influenced
areas, and high-salinity settings. Under varied marginal conditions, reef
framework is often either restricted or, in extreme cases, entirely absent.
These settings are of significant interest from both biological and
geological perspectives because they emphasize the highly variable nature of
reef and coral community structure, may still harbour an important array of
tropical coral-related species, and are often locally important from socio-
economic perspectives. In addition, their marginal nature (perhaps close to
the environmental thresholds for coral survival) may make them particularly
susceptible to environmental disturbance and climatic change. From the
geological perspective, there are interesting questions relating to the
nature of marginal reef growth, their accumulation potential, and the
processes of carbonate cycling (e.g., bioerosion, encrustation). Marginal
sites may also have potential as analogues for the highly diverse coral-
dominated settings that are preserved in the fossil record. Potential topics
might include (but are not limited to) geological evolution and
significance, sedimentary settings, species assemblages and ecological
significance, coral physiology, environmental disturbance, management, and

The issue (approximately 100 pages) will be published as soon as 12 papers
have been accepted; additional submissions will be considered for
publication in subsequent issues. Reviews and Reef Sites on an appropriate
theme are also welcome.

Papers should be submitted no later than 1st September 2002. Papers should
follow the guidelines for Coral Reefs and may be submitted to the Guest
Editors in pdf format (they will also be accepted by the Guest Editors at
the ISRS Meeting in Cambridge at which there is a related thematic session
running). To ensure a speedy publication, manuscripts should be submitted as
soon as possible.

Prospective authors should first contact the Guest Editors, Chris Perry or
Piers Larcombe.

Dr Chris Perry
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