Cook Island SST's during 1998

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Mon Aug 19 23:07:05 EDT 2002

I am investigating sea cucumber gametogenic development for Rarotonga, Cook
Islands (LAT=21 12S, LONG=159 46W)with respect to environmental triggers.
The montly mean sea temperature data (available through Flinders University
Tidal Facility) during 1998 shows a curious sudden increase from 23.9C in
October 1998 to 27.5 C in November 1998. I am aware that there was a massive
global coral bleaching event in 1998 that coincided with a strong El Nino/La
Nina event. I presume that the SST data I have reflects this event. I have
found some anecdotal reports on bleaching for Fiji and Samoa on the NOAA
website, but I have been having difficulty finding information regarding the
El Nino for Rarotonga. If anybody could direct me to information on the 1998
El Nino and its influence in the Cook Islands I would be very appreciative.

Darrin Drumm

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