Reef fish in the Persian Gulf

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Hi Angus,

here are some references:
Carpenter KE, Krupp F, Jones DA, Zajonz U (1997) Living marine resources of
Kuwait, Eastern Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates.
FAO species identification field guide for fishery purposes, Rome, FAO
Coles SL, Tarr AB (1990) Reef fish assemblages in the western Arabian Gulf:
a geographically isolated population in an extreme environment. Bull Mar
Sci 47(3): 696-720
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assemblages in Dawhat ad-Dafi, Dawhat al-Musallamiya and the Gulf Coral
Islands. In:  Feltkamp E, Krupp F (eds) Establishment of a marine habitat
and wildlife sanctuary for the Gulf region. Final report for phase II.
Forschungsinstitut Senckenberg, Frankfurt, p 537-558
Krupp F, Almarri, MA (1996) Fishes and fish assemblages of the Jubail
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conservation following the 1991 Gulf war oil spill. NCWCD, Riyadh and
Senckenberg Research Institute, Frankfurt, p 339-350

Best fishes

At 09:37 12.08.2002 +1000, you wrote:
>Dear Listers
>I'm looking to undertake fish visual census surveys in the Persian Gulf
>and am having difficulty obtaining a comprehensive list of reef associated
>species. I've tried FishBase however there are some obvious omissions to
>the searches it allows. Anyone know of a good source?

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