Porites branneri

Joshua Feingold joshua at nova.edu
Wed Aug 21 09:48:14 EDT 2002

Be careful about casual reports of Porites branneri. This species is very
difficult to identify in the field. It is my understanding that there are
subtle differences in calicular structure that distinguish it from other
Porites species. Indeed, there is controversy about the Porites porites /
P. furcata / P. divaricata series as well. One thing IS clear - color is a
poor diagnostic tool. Many forms of Porites can be found with
tan/beige/blue/purple/lavendar color varieties. I've heard that Ernesto
Weil has done some work on the taxonomy of Porites branneri. Ernesto, any


Joshua Feingold

At 04:11 PM 08/20/2002 -0400, Greenforce Andros wrote:
>I have an enquiry about the coral Porites branneri and its distribution. Is
>it found as far north as the Bahamas as I have a possible ID on Andros
>Island, Bahamas?
>Many thanks
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