Scientist claims Naples Daily News Report Incorrect (Solares Hill weekly)

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Fri Aug 23 16:19:28 EDT 2002

Regarding an editorial in Key West's free, weekly newspaper Solares Hill
was distributed on this list serve, I stand by my reporting of quotes by Dr.
James Porter about the coral die off north of the Keys. The story ran Aug.
in the Naples Daily News. Porter told others of these findings prior to the
publication of my story. Several of them told me, and I corroborated these
reports with him during a lengthy telephone interview. His only complaint to
me came a week after publication. He was upset because some people,
major news outlets, had confused "north" of the Keys to be the upper
two-thirds of the Keys, including, he said at the time, Key Largo and Key
Biscayne. I was upset as well at this confusion and ran a clarification that
I emailed to Porter a week ago. I await publication of his data.

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Naples Daily News
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