Porites branneri

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Dear Adam,

Porites branneri is distinguished morphologically by the presence of pali
and the absence of a columella tubercle.

For quantitative and qualitative keys to distinguishing western Atlantic
and Caribbean Porites species using morphological characters see:

Jameson SC (1997) Morphometric analysis of the Poritidae (Anthozoa:
Scleractinia) off Belize. Proc 8th International Coral Reef Symposium,
Panama 2:1591-1596

(If anyone would like a reprint just send me a stamped self addressed
envelope and I'll pass one along.)

Regarding the species controversy:  Using electrophoresis, fixed allel
differences were found among P. astreoides, P. porites, P. furcata, P.
divaricata, P. colonensis and P. branneri off Panama by Weil (1992)
confiming they are distinct species.

Using the genetic results of Weil (1992), Jameson (1997) shows these
valid species can be distinguished using various
morphological/morphometric techniques and discusses what characters are
reliable in morphological analysis.

>Be careful about casual reports of Porites branneri. This species is very
>difficult to identify in the field. It is my understanding that there are
>subtle differences in calicular structure that distinguish it from other
>Porites species. Indeed, there is controversy about the Porites porites /
>P. furcata / P. divaricata series as well. One thing IS clear - color is a
>poor diagnostic tool. Many forms of Porites can be found with
>tan/beige/blue/purple/lavendar color varieties. I've heard that Ernesto
>Weil has done some work on the taxonomy of Porites branneri. Ernesto, any
>Joshua Feingold
>At 04:11 PM 08/20/2002 -0400, Greenforce Andros wrote:
>>I have an enquiry about the coral Porites branneri and its distribution.
>>it found as far north as the Bahamas as I have a possible ID on Andros
>>Island, Bahamas?
>>Many thanks
>>Adam Hughes
>>Research Co-ordinator
>>Greenforce Research Station
>>Blanket Sound
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>>Email: greenforce at batelnet.bs

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