assistance in Jordan

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Wed Aug 28 10:40:16 EDT 2002

Might anyone with experience in the region be able to help this guy? (See
message below.) I'd me happy to act as go-between.

Alex F. Brylske, Ph.D.
Marine Conservation & Education Specialist
Project AWARE Foundation

Please respond to:
3324 SW 8th Court
Cape Coral, Florida 33914
800-729-7234, ext. 2675 (phone-US toll free)
239-945-1987 (phone)
239-945-1926 (fax)
alexb at (Email)

To learn more about Project AWARE, log on to:

I'm work in Jordan Royal Ecological Diving Society(JREDS).

I've heard about you from Ms.Domino PADI AWARE coordinator.

Now we face some problem.

We are looking for the agency that can analize dead sea coral.

For example, when was this coral dead?
             how was this coral dead?
             what kind of coral is this?

If possible, we would like to find nearer agency  from Jordan.

Do you have any information about it?

Please give me any comment.
It's urgent matter.

Thanks,                        JREDS Research coordinator
                                 Tom Miyamoto

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