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Thu Aug 29 09:10:38 EDT 2002

Dear Marine Scientists!

Please see the email contact below for a PDF announcement and order form
for the forthcoming classification guide Systema Porifera, edited by
John Hooper of Queensland Museum, Brisbane, and Rob van Soest of the
University of Amsterdam. I am sending this to you in the hope that it
may be of interest to you or to your colleagues.

This book provides a tool for biologists to document the rich
biodiversity of the phylum porifera. It provides a unified
classification for this phylum, and serves as a sound platform to build
on sponge systematics in the future. It is an essential reference for
anyone working on marine biodiversity.

The coverage is truly food for thought: 680 genera of living sponges (in
127 families, 25 orders and three classes) and 1,000 genera of fossil
sponges (245 families, 30 orders and six ‘classes’). These genera have
all been revised and refined, as have all families and orders. They are
illustrated by 1,200 figures, many of which are full page and all of top
quality. The mass of information is staggering.

I am pleased to be offering a special prepublication discount of
USD$99.95 or Euro 105 valid until 5th October.  The list price due to be
set by the end of September will be substantially higher so I urge you
to take advantage of this short term special offer and order your copy
now. Both volumes will then be shipped direct to your address upon

Please also feel free to circulate this announcement to any of your
colleagues who may be interested in this comprehensive new guide.

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