Coral trade (cont)

Ruby Moothien Pillay kamlaruby at
Fri Dec 6 11:59:09 EST 2002

Dear Coral list

Iam getting quite a lot of response from my posting on the coral trade
issue.  I am so very  concerned because Mauritius was one of the few
islands in the Indian Ocean that was mildly affected by the 1998
bleaching event.  If such kind of trade is now going to have huge
impacts on the corals, then not only the corals are going to be more
susceptible to all sorts of environmental perturbations , but would also
no longer be a potential source of larval supply to the region (if
Mauritius still escapes future bleaching episodes as it did last time).
Iam told that CITES does not permit trade in corals, so does this mean
that such kind of trade does not exist any where else in the world ?

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