Coral mining in Okinawa, Japan

Anita Daley adaley at
Thu Dec 12 10:34:17 EST 2002

Hello Listers,

I am wondering if anyone has any environmental impact data on harvesting
coral from "above the sea" in Okinawa, Japan (also known as Sango
Coral).  More specifically, I am wondering if the process of mining
coral calcium from dead coral (that is harvested from the land) harms
the living reefs.

Data on the process of vacuuming broken off coral from the ground around
live reefs (below water) would be great as well.  There are a lot of
coral calcium retailer web sites that say this vacuuming process is
actually good for the reef, helping the reefs "grow faster" but I'm
picturing sediment issues, disturbance of habitat and other potential
side effects of this vacuuming.

I know the topic of coral mining went around a while ago and my
apologies if this is a revisited subject.  Any leads and/or contacts
would be much appreciated.


Anita Daley

Ps-  the Status of Coral Reefs of the World: 2002 was just released.
the link:


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