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Call for submission of manuscripts

Special Issue on Environmental and Climatic Proxies in Reef Organisms

Vol. 22 of Coral Reefs will include a Special Issue entitled "Environmental
and Climatic Proxies in Reef Organisms." Papers are requested which will
focus on issues including geochemical signals and their calibration thereof
in corals and other reef organisms. Topics which might be applicable are the
use of geochemical and other indicators including stable C, O, and N
isotopes; trace elements in calcareous as well as organic components of the
reef ecosystem, and growth records which could document natural and
anthropogenic change in the reef environment. The purpose of the issue is to
provide further information on the reliability and calibration of proxies as
indicators of environmental change and reef health. Manuscripts may be
empirical or theoretical, long or short. Reviews and Reef Sites on an
appropriate theme are also welcome.

The issue (approximately 100 pages) will be published in 2003 as soon as 12
papers have been accepted; additional submissions will be considered for
publication in subsequent issues.

Papers should be submitted no later than August, 2002 and preferably before.
Papers should follow the guidelines for Coral Reefs and may be submitted to
the Guest Editors in pdf format.

Prospective authors should first contact the Guest Editors, Peter K. Swart
or Andrea Grotolli. To ensure a speedy publication, manuscripts should be
submitted as soon as possible to either Dr. A. Grotolli or Dr. Swart.

Dr. Peter K. Swart
Geological Editor Coral Reefs
University of Miami
4600 Rickenbacker Causeway
Miami Fl 33149
305 361 4103
305 361 4632 (FAX)
email: Pswart at

Dr. Andrea G. Grottoli, Assistant Professor
University of Pennsylvania
Department of Earth and Environmental Science
240 South 33rd Street, #162 Hayden Hall
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6316
tel: 215-898-9269 (office) 215-898-6336 (lab)
fax: 215-898-0964
email: grottoli at
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